Week 2 - Questions


1. In Ephesians 1:2, Paul extends two things to these faithful believers. What are these two things? Expound on the meanings of these words.

2. In verse 3, What has God blessed us with? (What in the world does this MEAN?! How, if we really believe that and walk in that knowledge, will that change our day to day lives?)

3. In verses 4 - 6 (and really, in SO much of this letter) Paul is telling believers about their POSITION (or their "standing") before God the Father IN CHRIST and how they got there. According to these verses, answer these questions:

  • a. HOW did we get into God's family?
  • b. What was the PURPOSE of this?
  • c. WHEN was this decision made?
  • d. WHY was this decision made? 

4. Verses 7 - 10, Paul tell believers about the benefits that God's adopted children have been given. He also tells us about the things we have to look forward to because we are IN CHRIST. In your own words, paraphrase verses 7 - 10. 

5. Read verses 11-14 and answer the following questions:

  • a. What is the inheritance that we have obtained?
  • b. In thee verses Paul references 2 groups: "we" and "you" - What 2 entities is he referring to?
  • c. What does it mean that the Holy Spirit is the "guarantee" of our inheritance?
  • FOR FURTHER THOUGHT - Do we have our complete inheritance now?

6. Read verses 15-16. Why does Paul say that he gives "unceasing prayers of thankfulness" to God for the believers in Ephesus?

For deeper thought: How might Paul have known those things about them?

7. Read verses 17-19. Name all the things here that you see Paul is asking in prayer for these believers.

For further thought, if Paul was praying God to do this for the believers in Ephesus, can we trust that God will do those things for us?

8. Read Ephesians 1:19 - 23. Where is Christ? What "position" is he in? Why?

9. Read Ephesians 1:3 again and then skip ahead and peek at Ephesians 2:6. What "position" is the believer in?

10. According to Ephesians 1:21, is this life all that there is?

For deeper thought: In light of Ephesians Chapter 1, are you encouraged to walk through your day to day living any differently than you are right now? Share with the group if you wish.

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  1. Here's my paraphrase of verses 7 - 10:

    In Christ, we have redemption (freedom obtained by the payment of a ransom) through his blood that he willingly shed on the Cross.

    In Christ we have forgiveness for everything we do that misses the mark of perfection. We have forgiveness from everything that deviates from truth and righteousness. We're not only forgiven, we're EXTRAVAGANTLY forgiven according to the riches of his grace. He has LAVISHLY poured that grace out on us.

    In Jesus, we have all the wisdom and insight that we need to understand this marvelous plan that had until this point been hidden. It is now being made known to us! This was what he planned to do from the beginning - it was all according to his purpose.

    In Jesus, God will bring everything he promised to fruition. All things - things in heaven and things on earth - will one day be united under Christ the King.