Week 1 - Study Questions

1. Acts 7:51– 53 is the crescendo of Stephen the Martyr’s speech. (Stephen was the first person to be killed for a belief in Jesus as the Messiah). Saul, a Pharisee, was standing there listening to this speech. List at least three things that Stephen accused them of:
2. What do you think Stephen meant by “uncircumcised in hearts and ears?”
3. Read Acts 7:51 - 58 noting especially 7:57. Describe in your own words what was going on here. 
4. Read Acts 8:3. Use three adjectives to describe Saul here.
5. Read Acts 8:4 – Can you see a silver lining (or a divine purpose even?) for the persecution of the church?

6. Read Acts 9:4 - When Jesus appeared to Saul, why did he say to stop persecuting HIM?

What are the implications of your answer?

7. Read Acts 9:13 – 17 – What caused Ananias to go from thinking of Saul that “He’s going to kill us!” to calling Saul “brother”?

8. Read Acts 26:14. This is part of Paul’s testimony before King Agrippa and he is explaining his conversion to him. What do you think Jesus meant when he said “It is hard to kick against the pricks? (Some translations say goads – think of a bush full or thistles and thorns).

Personal application: Are there any goads that you’re kicking against when it comes to God?

9. Acts 26:15 - 18 – What are some of the reasons that Jesus gave for appearing to Saul?

10. Acts 19:15 – 16 – Would you say that the author of Acts believes that evil spirits are a reality? Would you like to share your opinion on this?

11. What was the reason for the riot in Ephesus?

12. Using only one adjective – how would you describe God’s choice, conversion and calling of Paul?

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